Electrical Repairs & Troubleshooting

We know those flickering lights, smoking plug outlets and power outages can be scary for a homeowner!

But you can relax knowing we’ll be there to fix your problem FAST. No matter your electrical concern, our trained electricians have seen it before. Our trucks come stocked for every electrical contingency, large or small and can handle all types of common electrical repairs that occur around your house and even any unique ones that pop up!

With over 15 years experience, we stand ready to troubleshoot any electrical issues you may have. Lights dimming, breakers tripping, smoke alarms or any type of electrical failure, we will get it fixed right the first time.

24h Emergency Electrical Service

Experienced in various wiring methods, regardless of your electrical issue, we’ll make it right – guaranteed!

We know how difficult it can be to understand your electrical problems and the need for speed when it comes to finding and fixing your electrical issue. Our electricians are highly skilled and offer 24-hour emergency electrical service! This means your problems will be discovered, solutions presented, and a fair price quoted – no matter what the time of day. Our electricians are certified and can diagnose symptoms and provide solutions for your electrical problems. We deal with these types of problems all the time and as properly trained and licensed electricians, we often easily solve what seems like a major problem to a client.

We use a 5 step approach to diagnosing and solving your electrical concern.

We approach the problem in a systematic way, explaining the process to you throughout, while minimizing the steps needed to diagnose and rule out any errors.
  1. Listen: We listen carefully to your issues and concerns.
  2. Analyze: We analyze the situation carefully before beginning any work.
  3. Look: We look to see what has changed and may be causing your problem.
  4. Isolate: We isolate the problem or area of concern that needs the repair work.
  5. Repair: We make necessary repairs, up to safety standards, and work efficiently to ensure all work has been done safely, to code and to our client’s satisfaction.

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